Coupons for a loyal client

Up until very recently, the idea of collective buying was booming in popularity. That popularity has begun to fall because of the high costs and low returns associated with it. As it turns out, the mere offer of a discount isn't enough to expand your customer base. The client comes once, uses his or her coupon and never returns.

Cut – out

The problem is that the dynamic here is the discount, not your company. The result is that Groupon and LivingSocial get the loyal client, and your business gets left holding a severely discounted bag.

Honaro solved this problem. Coupons on Honaro are part of a complete loyalty program. They are only one part of a broader project aimed at not only bringing in new customers, but keeping them.

Every voucher that gets redeemed goes to your client base. Now you can keep this client informed of new promotions, deliveries, events, games and contests. Your customer also benefis from this regular contact with you. He or she not only has direct contact with your business by mail and telephone, but is also constantly updated on changes in your products and services, and he or she knows about any promotional events or games.

Everyone who does business with you, and is verified as a client can also post recommendations to friends and other Internet users. These recommendations go a long way in building trust. Show that your customers' opinions count. Be open to their suggestions and respond to them. It all pays off in customer loyalty.