Terms of Service


  1. Honaro.com allows you to use features such as:
    1. evaluation;
    2. references;
    3. opinion;
    4. strengths and weaknesses (SWOT) generator;
    5. pros and cons;
    6. recommending;
    7. building relationships.
  2. All content on the site, in particular concerning businesses, members, products and services, must demonstrate a high reliability and fully reflect actual conditions.
  3. This allows the posting service assessments, reviews, SWOT, references as well as the pros and cons regarding services rendered and products offered. Content displayed must be fair, lawful and existing facts may not be a deliberate action to the detriment of any entity, may not violate the rights of Honaro or other entities, and they can not violate the principles of decent society.
  4. You may not use profanity.
  5. Honaro is not responsible for content posted by users of the service.
  6. If any information in violation of a specific action in the following Annex to the Regulations of use Honaro.com, comes to the attention of Honaro.com, the operator can issue a warning.
  7. Relationships built on the service.
    1. Site built relationships between entities must reflect the relationships that exist between these entities in reality. For example, the invitation of Customer to relationships - The company can only be sent by the actual (uesd in the real world companies) customer of the entity. In such a situations Invitations must be accepted.
    2. If you send an invitation to an actual customer / supplier etc.. and it is rejected by the recipient, Honaro.com has the ability to automatically add the Customer in the event of confirmation of the existence of a relationship.
    3. Confirmation is done by sending a photocopy of a document certified by Honaro.com the existence of a relationship.
  8. Issue of assessments.
    1. The operator can issue only one assessment at a time, although this assessment may be modified at any time, when an entity changes its interest or view on the criteria affecting the assessment dimension.
    2. In the case of corporate tax assessment profiles, this can be added only by entities that are in relationship with the company.
    3. A free evaluation of profiles can be added by any existing profile.
    4. Free corporate profiles are not involved in the resulting ranking.
  9. Recommendations of the company.
    1. Only paid profiles can recommend.
    2. You or the company may recommend a particular company only once.
    3. You can not recommend your own company. It should recommend only those companies that have an objective assessment merit this, and that it would be by referral of business conducted in reality.
  10. Giving opinions.
    1. You can display more than one opinion about a user or company.
    2. When posting multiple entries by the same operator on one company, each with a given opinion should apply to seperate events or another topic, for example, you should not place two positive feedbacks on the quality of customer service.
  11. Adding pros and cons of products and services applies in particular to those exhibited, produced, offered and distributed by the operator. Pros and cons should show the advantages and disadvantages of said product or service.
  12. SWOT applies only to companies. The issuing entity determines strengths and weaknesses of the company.
  13. Issue of reference
    1. References may only be about companies. Given references stress the satisfaction of services provided by said company, and show the professionalism of the company.
    2. Users can not use references.
    3. It is possible to issue only one reference. The issued reference can not be to modified or deleted after 24 hours has elapsed from its issue.