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Honaro provides your company with all the necessary tools for on-line promotion.

See how the image of your firm can be built effectively using the most modern forms of marketing!

The Honaro platform has been created with companies and their business environments in mind. One of our principal goals is to help companies build long-term relationhips with their customers and business partners. It is therefore an indispensable channel of communication, thanks to which your company will be able to stay in touch with its customers and monitor the dynamically changing market, trends and competition. This way, you can match your offer to the needs of your customers and always be one step ahead.

Get discovered

Above all, Honaro provides your business with the tools to present your business and its goods and services to the public. Within your profile you are able to create a tab with your portfolio and all types of files – promotional materials, certificates, pictures, presentations, videos or links to other websites. You can present your offers in many languages. This way, your company can build a global presence online and begin new ventures with foreign entities. Adding orders and proposals will help you find business partners, and the platform’s search engine will find the best new offers. A sophisticated geolocation system allows you with Honaro to locate any company with precision. Your customers are easily able to find the nearest head office, branch or representative, and obtain contact details and accurate directions, using our interactive map.

Define your business image

Trust in business is a guarantee of long-term relationships. Thanks to Honaro, a customer is confident that doing business with your company will be safe and amicable. With the aid of tips and opinions from those who have done business with you, your customer can be ceratin your business is reliable. Honaro is therefore a perfect word of mouth marketing tool. What makes us unique is that all information is verified and comes exclusively from registered users. Your company will also be able to learn its weaknesses and strengths, as the system will automatically generate a SWOT analysis and allow you to carry out a varied marketing research. In addition, your company will obtain credible feedback on its products and services. Another advantage is the potential to get references from satisfied business partners. The Honaro platform is an indispensable tool, which allows you to define of your company's image.

Build relations and assemble your team

Hiring the right employee is essential for any company. Honaro is a place where you can form a great team of qualified employees. You can easily post a job offer or find among our users – using your own specific criteria – persons meeting your requirements. One feature of the Honaro portal is the building of a database of business partners, divided by customer, supplier and employee. With this, you will be able to inform anyone rapidly of any events, promotions, or conferences, etc. Promotions and discounts are a good way to attract and encourage customers to participate actively in building your profile.

Climb higher

If you want customers to find YOUR business easily online, you use one of Honaro's premium options. Your company can use the rankings created by users to become the a market leader. Your company will also be visible outside Honaro. In accordance with our standards, we make sure that your company profile and its site are properly positioned on the Internet. Appropriately selected key words, business sectors and a brief description give your website a larger Internet profile. What’s more, each tab and each newly added product and service are seen as a separate website in a web browser. By creating and managing your profile you have a direct influence on how high your company will appear in a web browser.

Match your offer to the needs of your business

To fulfil the requirements of our clients, we have expanded to include comprehensive web services. We work closely with our clients, and we create and maintain business websites along with Honaro profiles. We handle each client individually and therefore you can be certain that your company will stand out.